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Encaustic Healing Oracle


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Encaustic Healing Oracle carddeck

In collaboration with my guides I designed this Encaustic Healing Oracle carddeck of 58 cards, the drawings are all made with the healing energy of the universe. This energy is retained in the cards through the help of spirit so that the cards can also be used for healing work.

The coloring of the cards and the messages have all come about through clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairvoyance with my guides. Each card has a different energy and color. The cards are therefore perfect to use to draw a card daily or weekly. There is healing energy or support regarding the message that can be read on the card. In this way it is very easy to support or improve the transformation process or accelerate. Subconscious blockages are also addressed, so that one can close such a process much faster and find the energetic balance again.

These cards are very suitable to use before or during:

• twin flame process
• relationship & love problems
• shadow work
• inner child work
• transformation/transmuting processes
• clarity in blockages
• clarity in (un)conscious beliefs
• guidance to solve blockages
• encaustic healing (use the drawing to receive healing related to that specific topic)
• daily or weekly card reading

The Encaustic Healing Oracle contains 58 cards printed in glossy finish and in tarot card format.

The cards are shrink-wrapped.

See the introduction video here